Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

Music - Lagu Korea Terbaru Terpopuler Desember 2012

Top 50 Daftar Lagu Korea Terbaru Terpopuler Desember 2012

1:    1,2,3,4, Lee Ha Yi
2:    I Will Show You, Ailee
3:    Officially Missing You, Too, Geeks, SoYu
4:    Please Don't, K.Will
5:    Things that I couldn't say, Noel
6:    So Cute, Byul (With Kwon Jung Yeol of 10cm)
7:    ? (Q Mark), Primary (Feat. Choiza of Dynamic Duo, Zion.T)
8:    After Turning Into Dust, Jung Joon Machsa Young & Roy Kim
9:    I Don't Need Man, miss A
10:  Men Are All Like That, Kim Jong Kook
11:  Bloom, Ga In (of Brown Eyed Girls)
12:  Whistle, Roy Kim
13:  Ice Cream, Hyun A (4 Minute) (Feat. Maboos)
14:  Emergency Room, Jung Joon Young
15:  All the same, Urban Zakapa
16:  It's Cold, Epik High Featuring Lee Hi
17:  Gangnam Style, PSY
18:  Probability, Monday Kiz
19:  You are so bad, Byul
20:  All For You, Seo In Kook, Jeong Eun Ji
21:  Malri Flower, Lee Jung
22:  LIPSTICK, Orange Caramel
23:  Love Is Like A Snowflake, XIA
24:  Memory Of The Wind, Naul
25:  Stop doing that, G.NA
26:  Nillili Mambo, Block B
27:  Missing You, G-Dragon Featuring Kim Yuna
28:  Dripping Tears, Son Dam Bi
29:  The Moon of Seoul, Roy Kim
30:  If You Love Me, NS Yoon-G (Feat. Jay Park)
31:  Tried To Walk, B1A4
32:  Shine, Kim Sung Kyu
33:  39.5, Kan Jong Wook
34:  My son, Yoo Seung Woo
35:  Really, Song Joong-Ki
36:  After the Play, Dick Punks
37:  Hands Of The Clock, Shinyoo
38:  DON'T FORGET ME, Girl's Day
39:  UP, Epik High (Feat. Park Bom Of 2NE1)
40:  Poison, Primary (Feat. E-Sens of Supreme Team)
41:  Love Note, Ailee
42:  Crayon, G-Dragon
43:  My prince, Park Bo Young
44:  I Need You, Huh Gak ,Zia
45:  Walking To You, Yoon Gun
46:  This Love, The One
47:  Stop it, B.A.P.
48:  River, Urban Zakapa
49:  Fine Thank You And You?, 10cm
50:  Amateur, Lee Seung Chul

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